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twenty-four/seven psychedelic ear-candy, the After Dark Dispatch podcast, and the After Dark PONDERosa:

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The After Dark Dispatch podcast features discussion about drugs (psychedelics in particular), drug policy, technology, science, propaganda, censorship, government overreach, aaand m0re! Click here to subscribe to the RSS feed, or here to join the Sphinx tribe and hang out, chat, and stream sats via the Bitcoin Lightning Network!

Come hang out and say hi in the IRC channel #ozarksafterdark on zeronode IRC [irc.zeronode.net]! Unfamiliar with IRC? trollroom.io will get the job done!

Got something to say? Call 901-308-7270 and leave a voicemail and I'll play it on the show!

Attribution: credit for musical selections featured on Ozarks After Dark streams can be found here (hi-octane) and here (go easy on me).

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