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After Dark Dispatch Episode 3 - "speed bumps"

"speed bumps"

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Residents of one Memphis neighborhood take matters into their own hands and install a speed bump on their street -- and the "authorities" are PISSED!


Compass Pathways (CMPS) has completed psilocybin administration to all patients in its new clinical trial of psilocybin for treatment-resistant depression.


Bill Cosby is back, and so are quaaludes! Well...maybe not quaaludes. Oh, well.

[source: everyfuckingwhere]

We took a glance at Drudge Report's headlines just for funzies and to see what we're supposed to be freaking out about this moment.

Donald Rumsfeld is dead! Fuck that scumbag! [source: c'mon; everywhere]

Idiots in the LAPD seized a cache of fireworks and subsequently injured 17 people when they intentionally blew them up inside a containment vessel that, uh, failed to contain the explosion.


...Can we get rid of this fucking state already?

Some idiot with "smart" cameras/baby monitors is shocked and freaked out by someone messing with her through these stupid devices.


What. A. Fucktard.

Cops in UK bust a drug dealer (supposedly) by matching fingerprints in a photo he took of cheese against those of his they already had in the police fingerprint database.


Surely this is true and not parallel construction...riiiight?


Isralienn - Delta [] [CC BY 4.0]

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