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After Dark Dispatch Episode 5 - "psychedelic bullshit"

"psychedelic bullshit"

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In this 5th episode of the After Dark Dispatch we discussed three companies who are (supposedly) working on - or investing in - psychedelic therapeutics.

Psychedelic drugs undoubtedly have enormous potential to enhance and uplift humankind in many ways, the ongoing "legitimization" (read: "corporate monetization") of these substances is unsurprisingly causing a proliferation of companies whose executives are promising Very Big Things(TM).

But what do these companies really have to offer? They sure have lots of buzzwords and jargon, but where's the beef?

This is a discussion that will be ongoing for sure; we'll just be looking at the tippity-tip or the psychedelic shitberg. In this episode we take a first look at Akome Biotech, Ltd., Mindset Pharma, and Silo Pharma.

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Yummy Musick:

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[02] [Griboz - Trip In The Astral] [CC BY 4.0]

[03] [Samyaza & Priapizzm - Chimi] [CC BY 4.0]

[04] [Circuit Bent vs Mr. Bill vs Tom Cosm - Coke & Caviar] [CC BY 4.0]

[05] [Kabi - Our Minds] [CC BY 4.0]

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[07] [Utu - Broken Mala] [CC BY 4.0]

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