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After Dark Dispatch Episode 8 - "fuckaurte"


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WTF, Australia?!??

California kicks the can down the road on decriminalizing psychedelics

Mydecine and Johns-Hopkins team up to study the effects of psychedelics on smoking cessation; WCGW? Surely Johns-Hopkins can be trusted....RIIIGHT? We travel through time to find out!

2 companies are teaming up to bring transdermal Psilocybin patches to the world.... YES, PLEASE! ...?

Can one dose of ayahuasca alter your perception of your public speaking abilities?

Ketamine as a treatment for gambling addiction?

M E T H D E M I C in NH!!!!! ***next time :)


California delays decriminalizing psychedelic substances (The Herald Sun)

Wikipedia: George A. Ricaurte

Ecstasy Study Botched, Retracted

Johns Hopkins: George A Ricaurte Jr, M.D., Ph.D.

Johns Hopkins Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research

Mydecine Innovations Inks Deal With Johns Hopkins University To Undertake Psychedelics Research Into Smoking Cessation

Psilocybin Transdermal Patches Could Be The Next Big Thing In Psychedelics

Ei.Ventures Announce Engagement With Tioga Research to Develop Transdermal Patch for Psilocin Delivery

Emotional Intelligence Ventures

A single dose of ayahuasca improves self-perception of speech performance in socially anxious people, study finds

Ayahuasca Improves Self-perception of Speech Performance in Subjects With Social Anxiety Disorder

Awakn Life Sciences Initiates the First Ketamine Treatment Study for Gambling Addiction


[01] [yt cracker - otherworldly foe] [CC BY 3.0]

[02] [Glitchtrip & Gullyteen - Sink Hands] [CC BY-NC-ND 3.0]

[03] [Rishi - Leave Your Body] [CC BY 4.0]

[04] [Kadasarva & ManMadeMan - Alien vs. Human (Original mix) ] [CC BY-SA 3.0]

[05] [Agressive Mood - Back From The Vaccum] [CC BY 4.0]

[06] [Mindex – The Neverland] [CC BY 4.0]

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