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M E T H D E M I C in NH!

A lucky citizen gets her conviction overturned...

Mindset Pharma are at it again.

NDAA dingleberries for weed...kinda.

CDC/FDA vs. "that other" delta...

Your host gets to flex dat DANK INSURANCE...SUCCESSFULLY!!!


Meth pouring into New Hampshire, worrying recovery advocates and first responders (The Valley News)

DA can’t use 8 pounds of meth found in woman’s car as evidence against her, Pa. court says

House Could Vote On Psychedelics Research For Military And Marijuana Banking As Part Of Defense Bill

Mindset Pharma selects two indications to target for its lead clinical candidate MSP-1014

Mindset Pharma say latest results further validate lead candidate's comparison to psilocybin

Delta-8 Cannabis Products Can Cause Scary Health Effects, the CDC and FDA Warn

5 Things to Know about Delta-8 Tetrahydrocannabinol – Delta-8 THC (FDA)

Increases in Availability of Cannabis Products Containing Delta-8 THC and Reported Cases of Adverse Events (CDC)


***Special thanks to DREAM MACHINE for giving me permission to use music from Exploration of the Imagination, which unbeknownst to me was erroneously labeled with a CC license. Thanks for being cool AF!***

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[04] [Dream Machine - Galactic Gathering] [©2021 All Rights Reserved - Used With Permission]

[05] [Glitchtrip - He's nothing but a robot] [CC BY-NC-ND 3.0]

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