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After Dark Dispatch Episode 10 - "IP over USB" **or** "USB dongle"

"IP over USB" **or** "USB dongle"

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esta fuckin' noche :

God damn it, Australia! Seriously!

!!! V O I C E M A I L S !!! (901)-308-7270, muhfuckaz!!!

the OTHER other DELTA variant is coming to EAT YOUR CHILDREN!!

2 Michigan Cities might decriminalize natural psychedelics ...SOON!

Californians are gathering signatures to decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms!

How much dope could a Hungry Horse woman slang if a Hungry Horse woman could slang dope? ...and what the hell is a Hungry Horse woman, anyway?

WTF is a "psycheceutical?" The self-proclaimed "psychedelic conciegre to the stars" explains! (wut.?.)

What happens when you tie a USB cable in a knot and cram it down your PEE-HOLE?!??


All this, and a bag of chips!!!!!

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