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After Dark Dispatch Episode 11 - "nodrise"


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Just in time for HALLOWEEN, a prophecy is fulfilled!

That's riiiiight! ACTUAL CHEMICAL WEAPONS have been seized from black market drug dealers in California, and no one seems to have noticed! This isn't some asshole with a gelcap full of ricin - the fuzz claim to have seized enough to kill FIFTY MILLION people. Hyperbole? We do the math on it - and it might actually be MUCH more impressive.

If you thought fentanyl was scary, put on your gloves & gas mask & unholster your naltrexone, this shit's going to be wild!


Lazy fake wannabe "scientists" use obviously shit methods to get total shit data! Who knew?!?

Forbes shills "biosynthetic psilocybin"! Great idea, and only a few millennia late to the party!


A former NAVY SEAL reconnects with nature via psilocybin mushrooms and makes it his mission to save the Monarch butterfly


Some positive (off-the-charts, miraculously positive) LSD stories (for once!)!!!!


OH - and one of USA's star creepy defense contractors has been awarded almost a billion dollars to build "homes" in lunar orbit. DEFINITELY nothing to see there..

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[01] [Complement & Eartheogen - Thats Us Caz (Complement Rework)] [CC BY-NC 3.0]

[02] [StereoDots - Therapy] [CC BY-NC 3.0]

[03] [Yoshua e​.​M. - Different Ways] [CC BY-NC-ND 3.0]

[04] [Umber Vamber & Under The Roots - Synthtorial Alchemy] [CC BY-NC 3.0]

[05] [Klangmassaker - There Was Something Over The Knob] [CC BY-NC 3.0]

[06] [Psyberpunk - Grandfather] [CC BY-NC 4.0]

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